Earlier this year Tony came across the Band of Builders on Facebook and was touched by the amazing stories they were sharing of their support for tradespeople in need.  Inspired to get involved himself he joined the group and in November this year he contributed to one of their projects.


The Band of Builders story

When Addam Smith’s mate Keith Ellick was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Addam wanted to do something - anything - to make his life a little bit easier. A plan to landscape his garden captured won the support of his fellow tradesmen and saw the project grow into a full-scale renovation of Keith’s house carried out by people from across the country.

From there Band of Builders has been unstoppable, uniting members of the construction industry through the simple desire to help others. Their Facebook community has become a safe space for tradesmen to share their highs and lows, seek support and have some fun, as well as signposting those in need to other organisations that could give them some much-needed help. Band of Builders is an organisation started by tradesmen, for tradesmen, no matter what they're going through.

You can find out more about Band of Builders on their website where you can also buy the gear and find out ways that you can help other tradesmen in need, whether that’s through fundraising or getting involved in one of our projects. Watch the video and visit the Band of Builders website to see where it all started and see how you can get involved.